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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us:

Many healthcare providers choose to work with us because they know their patients are in good hands. We are the leading comprehensive sleep disorder center which gives a full service approach to all our patients. We specialize in the diagnostic, treatment, and follow up of all types sleep disorders with various options of treatment.

We are also accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine giving us a edge on the standard of our care and customer satisfaction we provide. We have a state of the art facility with the latest technology in sleep medicine as well a completely trained and certified staff with a emphasize on education.

We are known to provide comfort, and convenience for our network of healthcare providers and the patients we serve. We make sure to communicate with our referring physicians and tailor to their needs. 

What make us stand out is we are a patient oriented driving organization which the highest quality medical care as well as many amazing supportive services.

Try us out today and join our vast network of reffering physicians, and you will not be disappointed. Call us today @ 1(718)-220-4210 for more information or to request a “Healthcare Provider Referral Kit.”