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Who We Work With:

Over the years The New York Sleep Disorder Center has been able to build many long term relationships creating a friendly and personal use of our services to all healthcare providers.We have worked with  major hospitals, medical groups, and doctor offices We currently serve hundreds of physicians and have treat thousands of  happy patients.

Here is list of the type of healthcare providers that usually partner with us for sleep disorder services:

Primary care physician                                    Internal medicine physician

Family practice physician                               Psychologist/psychiatrist

Cardiologist                                                         Neurologist

Otolaryngologist/ ENT Specialist                 Gastroenterologist

Pulmonologist                                                   Bariatric surgeon

Geriatric physician                                           Endocrinologist

Physician Assistant                                         Nurse practitioner

 If you would like screening tips or more information on your specialty relating to sleep disorders and learn more about different patients that might have a sleep disorder and need further treatment. please call us today at 1(718)-220-4210.