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Who we serve:

Over the years the New York Sleep Disorder Center has been able to serve thousands of patients,with a vary of treatment options who are feeling better and getting the sleep they deserve. We specialize in diagnostic, treatment, and follow up of all our patients, giving them a full service approach with the ability to treat them on a short term & long term basis.

Some of our patients have been:

  • Adults ranging from ages 18- 65
  • Elderly patients
  • Individuals with asthma/breathing disorders
  • Individuals with heart problems
  • Individuals with Diabetes
  • Individuals who are overweight
  • Individuals who suffer from depression/anxiety
  • Individuals who have high risk of strokes
  • Individuals who have high risk of seizures 

And so much more…

To see signs & symptoms of having a sleep disorder please click on link below: