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About the New York Sleep Disorder Center

The New York Sleep Disorder Center is the leading comprehensive sleep disorder center in the tri-state area. Providing a full-service approach of treatment for a full range of sleep disorders with the diagnostic, treatment and follow up aspects of care and  wide array of treatment options. Specializing in treating snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and other parasomnias, the New York Sleep Disorder Center has become known throughout the years as providing high standard of care as well as exceptional supportive services.NYSDC’s main facility has been established since 2005 being one of the first sleep disorder centers in the Bronx. 
Also a proud member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine which gives accreditation of providing patients with the highest quality of care. Being one of the few  physician owned & operated sleep disorder center in the area sets NYSDC apart from your average sleep lab.As a patient driven organization which provides extensive array of medical services for treating sleep disorders as well various supportive services providing the patient with the uttermost comfort and convenience.
Being fortunate in treating thousands of patients as well as the honor of having a network of hundreds of referring physicians, providing the ultimate goal of the “Quality Sleep that You Need”. The New York Sleep Disorder Center’s continuing success is based off four core values of compassion, professionalism, dignity, and quality care  and still growing…

The NYSDC Experience

At the New York Sleep Disorder Center our dedicated staff members have been trained in providing the greatest quality of service providing supportive and educational services on top of the great medical treatment regarding a full range of sleep disorders. Our sleep expert(s) create a treatment plan for each patient so they are being treated on a short & and long term.  We first book your appointment for the initial consultation which you will see within days, no waiting! You will be seen by our board certified physician, who will diagnose, educate and decide of further treatment. Sleep study appointments are then scheduled instantly,to stay overnight with our certified technicians in our state in the art facility, which provides the same or even more comfort and amenities you find in a luxury hotel. Guaranteed! We then focus on following up and maintaining a long term relationship so you are getting the “quality sleep that you need”.  


Meet the Medical Director/ Founder  

        Dr. Mohammad Basit MD,D’ABSM,FCCP founded the New York Sleep Disorder Center in 2005 being one of the first to start a sleep disorder center in the Bronx. He created the center with the idea  to serve the huge under served population of people who were not being diagnosed or treated for sleep disorders. He wanted to provide them with the best quality of care as well as build long term relationships with them in order to assist them in getting the quality sleep that they deserve. 

       Dr Mohammad Basit is quadruple board certified physician  in internal medicine, pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. He received his medical training from the Prestige Dow University of Health Sciences with residencies in internal medicine from Queens Hospital Center & Long Island Jewish Hospital. He completed his fellowship In pulmonary and critical care from New York Medical College. In 2002 he received his certificate of board certification in sleep medicine. 

  •  Member of  American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM),
  •  American Board Certified in Sleep Medicine (ABSM)
  • American Board Certified in Internal Medicine ( ABIM)
  • Fellow of American College of Chest Physicans (FCCP)

The New York Sleep Disorder is owned and operated by Dr. Mohammad Basit. Serving at the Medical Director since its inception it has grown to the leading comprehensive sleep disorder center in the tri-state area. With his great medical background and “code of ethics” he has ensured all his patients are getting the highest quality of care and are provided with all the supportive services they need in order to feel comfortable and satisfied with the NYSDC experience. 

On his spare time Dr. Basit likes to travel, garden, and spend time with family.


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